Race Review: Drumstick Dash 5K

Another Thanksgiving morning, another Drumstick Dash 5K in Milwaukee! Even though it’s usually windy or bitterly cold, I do enjoy this race and the fact it supports Feeding America, an organization that helps provide food for people who may not be able to afford it. Like the race motto says, “Move your feet so others can eat!” Bonus this year for folks who didn’t want to run a full 5K was the addition of the Half a Drumstick 2K.

Swag: Each year of this race they have always provided a long sleeve t-shirt, until this year. This year they went with a thin layered hoodie. I have to say that I have loved the t-shirts but the hoodie is a nice change of pace. The swag area though is why I don’t give this race a full five stars. I really wish they would provide a medal. I see so many other Turkey Day races giving medals, why can’t this one?

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 9.50.12 PM

Aid Stations: They provide one halfway through with water, which is plenty. It’s easily accessible as you run by and the volunteers are awesome and there are a lot of them there ready to hand you a cup. At the finish you receive a water, banana and a cookie.

Course Scenery: Always a fun race as you run around Miller Park and the surrounding neighborhood and then across the pedestrian bridge that connects the parking lots to the stadium.

Expo Quality: Small. It is located in the club lounge at Miller Park. There is packet pickup, obviously. There are a few cutouts to take pictures with and a couple of vendors. There was another Vision Management race set up to sign up for if you wanted to. Also a table for last minute registration was available.

Elevation: There is one substantial hill at the start. After that there are some rolling areas with small ups and downs. The final push to the finish line also as a decent incline.

Parking: Free! Miller Park parking lots are open for all cars, racers or just viewers.

Race Management: They do a great job with email updates and on Facebook/Instagram as well. No way you miss any information as they post often as race day gets closer.


Happy running!!

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