A little about me: “I’m not a runner.” That was me in 2011. I went to the gym and spent my primary focus on weight training and left cardio to the “if I have time for it” category. For a few years I had wanted to run a local 5K called the Samson Stomp and Romp at our local zoo. But I always seemed to miss the date and realize too late that it had already been run. In 2012, after missing it yet again, I decided to run a different 5K – took me 10 months to commit to one – and I finally ran it. And it was tough, a lot tougher than I expected. From that point forward, I made the commitment, albeit slowly at first, to become a better runner no matter where it led or shall lead me.

Currently a 2021 Nuun Legacy Ambassador #TeamNuun #nuunlife and a BibRavePro #bibchat #bibravepro and a 2021/22 RADrabbit representative

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