KT Tape Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a selection of KT Tape to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!


I was excited at the opportunity to test KT Tape, especially after reading about its benefits and how to use it properly. You could say I had been ignorant in the past to the uses of kinesiology tape and how it could ever offer any benefit to me. Wow, was I wrong! The box of tape I was provided offered several options: Pro Wide (for areas like the lower back), Pro (everyday use for most areas of the body) Extreme Pro (similar to Pro, but stronger adhesive) Gentle (easier removal) and Cotton.

The first area I chose to use KT Tape on was my right glute into the hamstring. It’s an area that I have been having issues with and have been constantly stretching and foam rolling to ease the discomfort. Number one thing I did was take a wash cloth and rub down the areas of use. I mention this here because it will play a factor later in my review. First application, I was blown away! I used one strip of the Pro style tape and one strip of the Extreme Pro. First time out running I could feel the support 100%. Also, it helped alleviate the pain during a run that I have been dealing with. Now, it didn’t mean that foam rolling wasn’t necessary but it definitely provided a benefit for me. That same “first time” I also used the Pro and Extreme strips for my left shin.

The KT Tape website has videos showing you how to apply their product correctly for each area of the body. This is EXTREMELY helpful and I would definitely suggest watching beforehand. The shin video was spot on with what to do to make the product effective and to make it last. What do I mean by that last part? KT Tape isn’t a one run and done product. The shin application I did stayed in my leg for 7 days!! That multiple run and gym workouts and showers that it survived through and remained effective! The same for the tape I applied to my glute/hamstring area. And when it was time to remove it, it came off without pain; that’s something I wasn’t sure about since my legs are rather hairy.

Now, back to that pre-application process. I did have some issues with the first time I used the Gentle Tape. I chose my right knee for that application and did the same run down with the wash cloth. I applied the Gentle Tape and it stuck and seemed fine. Post workout and shower that day, I noticed it was slightly lifting off my skin. Then later at work, my pants must have caught it some when sitting/standing and pulled the tape up more. It was done. I had to remove the tape and toss it away. I was frustrated and couldn’t understand why it didn’t stick as well. My legs are hairy there as well but not as much as my shins and the adhesive shouldn’t have been an issue. I did some research and discovered that oils and oily skin can cause problems. I also read that, from the beginning with all applications, it would be best to run down the area with rubbing alcohol to remove all oils, etc. from the skin. Lesson learned and the next application of the Gentle Tape was pure success and lasting success (four days of use this time, which KT Tape themselves says is the normal length of time on average).

One last item I think is important to mention is how instructive KT Tape is, both in their website and in the actual packaging with the product. The website provides videos for all applications. They take their time showing you where to place the tape for the maximum effect and how much tension you should be using when stretching out the tape as you apply it. They make sure the tape will work with the flow of your body and not break or be ineffective with an incorrect amount of tension. Within the product box itself, you receive a diagram, similar to one on their site, and a couple of visual variations of popular application areas, like your knees. Again, super helpful.


All in all, I was impressed with KT Tape and am only disappointed in myself for always ignoring it and thinking it looked goofy on other people. I see (and feel) the benefit now. It works. It helps. If you go to their website and order, make sure to use the code BIBRAVE30 and save yourself 30% on your order. But do this quickly, because it’s for a limited time only!!

Any questions or comments feel free to post!!

And happy running as always!!