Product Review: WIN Sports Detergent

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of WIN Sports Detergent to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

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Ok, we all have the same problem when it comes to workout clothes. How to get rid of the smell? A specific stain? And some of us would like to do it with a detergent that is a little more environmentally friendly than the common grocery store shelf staple. Here comes WIN Sports Detergent! My workout clothes, used for both lifting and running, other cardio, have needed some serious love from a sports specific detergent and I am glad I had the opportunity to test this out. Let me tell you how it works and what it helped with in my house. The key element to WIN is that it attacks the oils in the clothing; all that nastiness that oozes off your body during exercise and just sits and absorbs into the fabric. WIN removes those oils and the bacteria making your clothes cleaner and smell better hence you are more likely to keep those workout clothes a little bit longer than you might have in the past.

Now how much WIN Sports Detergent should you be using in a load of wash? Well, just take a look at your bottle and make that decision with their help.

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So, if it’s real bad, toss in three capfuls and eliminate that vicious exercise stink and bacteria from those clothes. The key is to use the detergent in hot water with a hot water rinse as well. This was a new thing for me to do because I prefer to wash items in colder water and not bring the heat. But it certainly does help getting rid of the smell.

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Three big reasons that I like this detergent (and that should make you like it as well) are this here: WIN Sports Detergent is color safe. Obviously, hugely important with the variety of athletic clothes we all have. Next, it’s a biodegradable product. So you’re being kind to the environment (not to mention it also does not contain phosphates.) Finally, and this is big to me, there is no animal testing involved with the making of this product.

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Now, and this might seem obvious but maybe not, what else can you and should you use WIN Sports Detergent on? You can use it with success on gear for hockey, football, volleyball, soccer, cheer, gymnastics, dance, lacrosse, and the list goes on. And it works great on grass-stained baseball pants too!



WIN Sports Detergent, something you should look into and give a try if you’re fed up with smelly and dirty exercise clothes. And if this isn’t convincing enough for you, take a look at some fellow friends of mine who also had the chance to test out the product as well!




Organic Girl




I hope that these reviews convince you that WIN Sports Detergent is worthy of a tryout and you won’t be disappointed when using it to eliminate odors and bacteria from all of your workout clothes.

As always, happy running!

Mercury Mile: Personalization for You

Disclaimer: I received a chance to use Mercury Mile to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The concept of Mercury Mile is fascinating and awesome at the same time. Created by runners for runners, it gives you a better shopping experience when it comes to running gear. You go on the website, create a profile that describes your likes and dislikes , any and all preferences from styles to colors, how active you are, and more. Then Mercury Mile assigns a personal stylist to manage your account and they handpick out 5-6 pieces of running gear for you based upon your answers in the profile.

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I’ll use my own signing up experience as an example. It is a very simple process and they even outline the whole procedure for you on their website.

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OK, so you may have noticed the monetary amounts in the picture above. But that is also what is totally cool about Mercury Mile. All you need to do is tell them in your profile that you want to stay at a certain price point and you’re golden.

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My box came with three different shirts and two different pairs of shorts as well as a thrown in gift of Sweat X Sport detergent. Then, I chose what to keep for my clothing collection and what to return to them. It’s that simple. And the excitement when you open your box to see what you’re stylist chooses for you is pretty cool. And it isn’t necessarily just shirts and shorts. Other BibRavePros have received sunglasses, sock, etc. in their boxes.

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This is an extremely clever and useful service. Mercury Mile is something you should look into and, as an incentive for you to do so, use code “BibRave10” to save $10 off of your styling fee. Take a look. Check them out. I kept two of the shirts and one pair of the shorts and sent back the other two items. Another bonus: they include a prepaid envelope in your box to send back unwanted items.

Mercury Mile: created by runners for runners. You should take a look at their website and experience them for yourself.