Hot Chocolate Nashville 15K Training….

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I am excited to be running this entry into the Hot Chocolate series of races and my training was going along smoothly for me. I started out January with the week days being used for 5K runs and training for a race I had on the 14th, but the weekends were for long runs. I logged an 8.6 mile run at the start of the month which felt great outside. I followed that up less than a week later with 11.3 miles during lunch time, and, again, it was a solid run. But the following week I went out, pushed through 10 miles but struggled. I was trying to maintain the training schedule I set up for myself but that run was very disappointing. Then the problem I’ve been dealing with in my hamstring climbed a little higher. Last Wednesday, on the treadmill, during a short 2+ mile run, my hamstring “talked” to me. It tightened up some and I halted my run, but some of that also due to time; I had to leave anyway. Jump ahead to Friday and my “long run” turned into 5 miles and needing to be retrieved after the hamstring gave out on me and I was no longer running. I was participating in a limping jog. Bad, bad, bad news. I don’t know what has happened but I do know that I am on the shelf right now. I just don’t know how long, and, with multiple races in the future, I can only hope this heals quickly.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.31.20 PMMy reaction to Friday’s run

Time will tell and I will listen now to my hamstring; something I should have done sooner.

Happy ‘safe” running all!