LEGEND Compression Calf Sleeves

Now that I am a LEGEND Compression Ambassador, I had the chance to test out a pair of their compression leg sleeves. I already own a few pairs of the socks but was really curious about the difference in feel that their sleeves would have on my feet and calves. I wanted to get a good feel for them so I did multiple tests outdoor and even one indoors on a treadmill. First thing to out in the open is that I enjoyed them very much.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.21.52 PM

One of the reasons I love their socks is because of how they react when you are running or being active. They provide necessary stability but never become too tight or constrictive during a run. It’s a subtle but very comfortable increase in the compression that you feel. They helped me reduce some of the fatigue that I’ve been suffering from lately and the general soreness that occurs during long runs, those that are ten miles or more.

I also wore these in a couple different sets of weather. One day was chilly with wind and I was perfectly warm while running in them. But I found their performance much better on another day that was a little warmer and also more humid. The moisture wicking capability these sleeves have is very impressive. No sweaty calves after taking them off. Actually, they were unusually dry compared to my exposed ankle area. At the touch the LEGEND compression leg sleeve would have you thinking you may be too warm in them but I will tell you that would be an incorrect assumption.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.21.39 PM

My personal favorite benefit of these leg sleeves: another win in the department of preventing shin splints. Oh my goodness, do I ever suffer from these if not properly geared up. And these sleeves are now a must have for me on runs! Soft feel, great compression and no shin splints after running. For those of you who suffer from these, you know what I am talking about when it comes to appreciating any gear that will eliminate this from your life. No shin splints means better performance on your runs. What a great combo! Seriously though, your run is better and it lasts longer (you’re less likely to want to cut it short or skip on time if you are physically comfortable and pain-free).

My simple suggestion and wrap up is to say the LEGEND compression leg sleeves are a worthwhile product and worth you money should you give them chance to improve your athletic training. And, yes, I know you may be skeptical since I said I was a LEGEND ambassador but I truly believe in the product. You will too. I’ve had other brands socks, these perform better in the long run.

Any questions or comments, fire away at me!!

Happy Running!